Thursday, 7 October 2010

Living The Dream.

So, with all intents to buy a high chair (yep, we are that disorganised) I finally got round to doing it this week...

His little feet don't quite fit the foot rest just yet as you can well see from the photographic evidence above, but I wouldn't expect that from a seven month old (whose two days away from turning eight months!) unless they were a giant.

So what were we looking for in our high chair? Sturdy, wipe proof, safe, looks cute (hey, who wants a hunk of metal that looks like an eye sore?) and one we're able to feed him from. 

I had done my research all over the Internet because I am like that. I can't stand being conned into buying things purely through clever marketing and selling techniques. Plus I don't want to buy something on a whim and it falls apart.

In comes this high chair from Baby Start (Baby Start you can thank me later, perhaps with other baby supplies?). Unfortunately this particular high chair doesn't appear available for purchase anywhere, I got it from a warehouse that deals with clearance items - nothing wrong with them, they're just reduced stock that Argos can't sell off, so they sell on eBay. I got the "Brum Brum" model so I could live up to the sexist in me that dictates cars for boys and ballerinas for girls (Future Roman: I'm not really like that, I promise).

It's proved great so far and I've had a few good reports on this high chair already and I love making wise purchases. I used to spend about half an hour picking what sweet I wanted from the shop when I was a kid - I like to be meticulous, even when I know what I want. 

I was honestly filled with excitement when we set this chair up. I'd been eagerly awaiting the delivery of this high chair a little too much methinks...

It's just so nice to come a little step closer to being normal like everyone else. How sad I feel the need to conform.

However, this wasn't an issue about conformity. This was a chiropractic issue. We used to feed him when he was strapped into his bouncy chair and let me tell you if that had long continued I might have a future career of bell ringing and falling in-love with a Romany woman called Esmerelda.