Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Because my sense of fashion SUCKS!

My first Polyvore 'set.' 
I came across a new site today called Polyvore.

 I chanced upon it through the Photographer Cafe blog.

And I think it will be my new playground when I have some downtime to myself - either that or I will play around with it tonight and forget all about it by tomorrow in my whirlwind of baby care and daily grind.

Anyway, it reminds me of those paper dolls you could dress up that I had when I was a kid - and I even put one of them in the sink to 'wash' them. Yeah that didn't turn out very well at all.

And it allows me to erm, express myself or some nonsense like that when in all reality it's grown-up playground time. On the Internet.

So, what's the point of Polyvore? Well it's for two main audiences (in my opinion.) Firstly it's for those who know what's what when it comes to fashion; they like to shop around the designers and shops they know and love and then there are clueless wonders like me.

I wear odd socks, hope for the best with a pair of trousers and some perfume and I use wet wipes on any puke stains on my tops. And hair? It's usually never styled. Just brushed. If you're lucky it might even be clean.

However, along with the journey/pledge 'my body is a temple' adventure I'm taking right now, I want to feel and look good. Not that I don't look good right now but I'm going to confess there are times where I think 'it'll do' and I go out feeling self conscious about the way I look instead of how I used to feel: happy with myself, totally and completely confident about my looks.

I'm happy right now, don't get me wrong and this is not a confidence issue. It is a 'I can't be bothered today' issue. I need to be bothered, at least when it counts. Make-up and hair is so difficult when your arms get tired easily but I will give it a whirl.

Until then, I'm off to Polyvore to construct my dream (and I mean dream because some of those clothes are way out of my price league) wardrobe.

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Monday, 30 May 2011

Father's Day Give Away: Scratchy Cat Crafts


Scratchy Cat Crafts
 Fathers Day Personalised Gift

So what are your ideas for Father's Day? Hand made cards? Shop bought cards?

Personally I opt for shop bought as hand making anything that doesn't require a keyboard right now is such a feat. So, that's why I want to take the strains out of buying or making something for one of my lovely followers on my FIRST ever give away! Yay. 

Oh and as Queen said that there will be one vision, for this there will be one winner.

Let's face it, you deserve something brilliant for being so loyal to me ;).

Funky Bird iPod Case from Scratchy Cat Crafts 

So I hooked up with Scratchy Cat Crafts on Folksy HERE, the crafter who makes a whole range of quality products (personalised pillows, embellished journals, iPod cases) and my personal favourites were the Daddy Wooden Keepsakes for the fact of it being Father's Day on Sunday 19th June.

So, let's get to the good stuff. The give away details!

What you will win:
  • One wooden keepsake (above image) with your personalised message painted on. 
  • My heart (har har just for jokes on that one!)

So, what do you need to do in order to win?

1. Follow this blog and comment below with a little memory or recollection from a Father's Day you've had. Funny, crazy, wild, emotional and everything in between - I want to know! 

If you don't want to share a story then head on over to the Scratchy Cat Folksy shop here and let me know what two items are your favourite.

Extra entries mean higher chance of winning. Want extra entries? Sure thing!

1. Follw Three Six Five on Facebook and drop me a comment on here so I can count your extra entry! :)

2. Follow Scratchy Cat on Facebook and drop me a comment on here so I can count your extra entry! :)

3. Recommend a friend to the blog, have them follow and comment with your friend's username. Comments allow me to count your extra entry!

Good luck! 

Give away ends Tuesday 7 June 2011 
(winner annouced at 12.00pm GMT)
Fathers Day is Sunday 19 June 2011

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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Some Changes Around Here. And Things To Come.

You might notice some changes around here.

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Friday, 27 May 2011

Guess What?


Operation Working on Being a Better Mum to this guy & here's how:

I'm going sugar free for good.

I can't count on my two hands how many lives sugar has ruined. Sure, you need an excess of it for it to do real and lasting damage (teeth, mainly and the fact it makes people huge and that then causes them to get horrible illnesses like Type 2 Diabetes) I have made the leap to go sugar free for good.

This doesn't include natural sugars or food where I don't know there is sugar - although seeing as my diet is pretty great I don't see any room for error on that. 

I'm fed up of feeling that sluggish, tug of the guts feeling every time I have sugar in my life; which has been less and less these days.

I have been following (not to the letter) the 4 Hour Body Slow Carb diet. I guess this is my own adapted version as I am still eating fruit and potatoes - and pitta bread. By following I don't mean it's a fad. I plan on sticking to this for a long time coming because I have never felt better. Of course, feeling better could be an absolute fluke and I do make allowances that when I'm extra sick that I eat foods I can manage; smoothies, yoghurts and maybe even some wholemeal crisps.

Truth is since cutting out my unhealthy eating habits of snacking and not keeping regular eating patterns (they waver a tad these days but are generally better) I feel so, so much better. 

Yesterday I stuffed a bagel into my face at 1am. This is what I mean when I say I am not sticking to the letter of how I want my diet to be.

This isn't about looking at myself and being disgusted - I like myself a whole, whole lot and my confidence isn't effected by how I look - this is genuinely about finding a better way to 'be' with eating and my eating habits. I am not obsessed with losing weight, it will come off and that's that. This is about being a healthier version of me.

And I feel a whole lot better.

If people want to lose weight the formula is to eat less and do more. I am not looking for a formula because I already know that, I want a key to being a healthier person and maintaining realistic eating habits.

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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Guest Post!


Check me out over on Bright Wishes today!

I love this blog and was completely honoured to be a guest poster over there, sharing all my wedding and marriage advice.


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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesdays Wishes.


1. I wish it was Christmas.

I'm a Christmas Eve baby (no I don't get more presents, yes I get two separate presents and yes I still celebrate Christmas) and for a long time I didn't really enjoy Christmas. Since Christmas 2010 that all changed for the better. I LOVE Christmas. My only wish today is that tomorrow was Christmas. That would be sweet.

2. Co-sleeping.

Sometimes I wish we were still co-sleeping...but baby boy didn't like this arrangement a whole lot so we had to rethink our game plan. We followed safety guidelines for co-sleeping and in the early days I found it essential. Ro hasn't had any issues with moving from bed to crib or cot full time and I feel it's down to our relaxed attitude. On a rare occasion he will slip in with us, but this doesn't always work out well for him. I wish it had worked better, but I'm happy with where we're at just now.

So those are my wishes for today, the good thing is that Christmas isn't too far away now, and the co-sleeping not working out means more bed space for me!

So what are your Wednesday Wishses? Link up here to share.

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

We Are Family: A Tale of Two Sisters.


"I never said it would be easy, only worth it."

This catch phrase used to play over and over and over in my mind as a teen. Basically, what I took from it to mean is that in life there would be trials and that there would be downs, followed by ups. That things would be hard for a while, but that suddenly all the things that seemed hard would have this new and wonderful shine on them and that life would be better, easier and more fun in general.

Don't take it to mean that I was a miserable teen or person - anything but - but I was most certainly not happy with where I had got myself; not anywhere bad or off track, just confused about who I was, like every other teen I knew at the time.

My sister, the one pictured here in the photo above, was the only one I thought had it down. She'd had some problems I was aware of, but those aside, I had seen her come right through them and get through high school and achieve her long term dream of studying Psychology. 

Life has worked out very differently for us both; me the confused teen who stumbled through most days and her the cool and confident (in my mind) one. But I like to think this is exactly where we both should be; improving ourselves, our lives and getting better at working at our relationship.

When we grew up we had so many laughs. It makes me terrified to know what mischief two teenagers can really get into (don't worry, nothing too extreme, just cheeky. Or that's the version of events we're sticking too.) I also believed my sister was this big trendsetter; anything she didn't wear wasn't worth owning. She also did my hair and make-up for my wedding and everyone kept asking which hair dresser I'd gone too. Ha!

Here's her thoughts on yours truly (in her own words, I promise I didn't doctor any of it ;):

From a very young age I fully realized how important the relationship with my sister would be. We shared a room from the time I was aged 7 and her 4 and a half and although there is 2 and a half years between us I have always felt like the younger sister. She always seemed to be the more logical, more practical, more mature one. Whereas I was more the one to learn a lesson from! The greatest gift she has ever given me, with the exception of my nephew, is our shared memories. Our bond is a strong one strengthened by many things but mostly many a late night filled with giggles and a trip down good old memory lane.

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Saturday, 21 May 2011



So are you surprised the World didn't end today as predicted?

I sure aint.

I've had a wonderful weekend so far and I am quite excited for Dr. Who tonight - My sanity relies on weekly fixes of the Doctor in order to get through the week.

My parents dropped by on Friday night and spent the morning with us. They live six hours drive away so when they visit it's a treat for us all. 

Look what my Mum bought for the Ro-Man:

Loving my little Panda Bum :).

So, here's to a great weekend! I hope you all have great times resting up from the week (I know I will be doing plenty of that having just overcome the World's Most Epic Cold.)

Some posts to expect this week:

We Are Family: A Tale of Two Sisters.
Easy Vegan Recipe (Following on from this series I have started.)
Clothing It: Our Cloth Nappy Experience.

Stay tuned for all that and more!

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Once we hit 50 followers I will be doing a great give away! 
Spread the word!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Fix it Friday #1

I have blog-stalked I Heart Faces for a while now. 

I've seen what magical things others do on Fix it Friday and this has overwhelmed me. However, this week, I'm taking part! Yay.


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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Thick Thai Soup: Recipe {Vegan}

Before I get started I want to say that I have followed a Vegan diet for 6 years (2005.) In my search to find cheap and easy ways of 'eating vegan' I experimented around with a few traditional ideas and as I am often asked what I eat on a Vegan diet I decided to share my recipes with you all. I really hope you enjoy!

I love this soup with granary bread when I am feeling sick or in need of some comfort food to fill up on.

What you will need:


x2 small (or one large) carrot, x3 large white potatoes, 3 handfuls of lentils (you can add more or less, adding more gives it a more thick consistency), half a red onion, one veggie stock cube (I would reccomend Boullion cubes from Marigold) and lemon pepper seasoning.

Step By Step:

Put the water onto a slow boil - in other words, don't have the hob all the way up. Once  you've done this, add the lentils. 

Quarter the potatoes with the knife (I'd suggest you also use the chopping board if you want your kitchen work tops to stay unmarked. Ha.) Once you've chopped the potatoes up, add them to the pot of water and lentils. I almost never un-peel potatoes when making soup because I don't need to and it means more fibre all round.

Peel and dice the carrots and onion and add them to the soup mix in the pot.

 Leave to simmer gently for 30mins.

 Make up your stock and add to the soup. 

Add a sprinkling of lemon pepper seasoning, stirring it through the mixture.

 Once the soup has cooled, blend it so it reaches a thick consistency.

Serve and enjoy! 


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Other Half.


I go on about The Other Half of me quite a bit - B, my love, my husband, best friend and everything in between.

I used to think a majority of guys were brainless jerks motivated by boobs, but I still managed to power my way through dating a lot of them.

I was fed up of dating when B got home from his LDS mission (I love LDS missions, I fully endorse them to all able bodied/worthy young men and women!) and made it perfectly clear I did not want a relationship with him. Ever. I even went onto rant to several people about how much better off alone I truly was (looks like Beiber was right when he said 'never say never.')

Um yeah, that was before he spoke to me on the phone for four hours, listing the many ways in which he would be a better boyfriend - and made no bones about marriage, either, may I add - than anyone else. Ever. He wouldn't hang up until I agreed to a second date (in a non creep-fest way.)

He did the thing I wanted everyone to do. Never give up on me. Because so many had. And  he knew everything (oh yes, everything) about me and still loved me in spite of that - and vice versa for me and him.

Like the Marilyn Monroe quote says, he saw me and handled me at my worst and definitely deserves me at my best. 

That's why I'm glad he's joining the Blogging ranks and has set up his own little blog all about democracy and his views on the World (we kinda, totally, LOVE democracy in this household.) So, if you want a view into a wonderful mind, go and check out Bryan's World.

I can't wait to see the things we talk about on this blog of his!

And since we're on the subject of blogs; I need votes DAILY on Top Baby Blogs. Why daily? Because I want the #1 slot! :) And, just sayin', but you can vote twice in a day. Yay!

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Saturday, 14 May 2011

A Video A Day.


I was getting a tad obsessed over this walking dealio... 
so I decided to refocus my attention on a project with Roman. I remembered I'd been filming little snippets here and there and rather than bung a million videos up all at once, I decided to combine all the videos together in this sweet little video - which I will cherish for as long as I live.

I have had a very busy year so far so I haven't had the time I'd like to edit it.

Then an opportunity struck. My neighbour was partying until 4.30am (and keeping me awake!) I decided to join the party and finish up the video I've spent months on.

In other news: I haven't been having the happiest of weeks.

Also...someone did something sweet for me on their way to work today. 

Brought me a bunch of flowers.

I love flowers.

I am not going to be one of these 'flowers die and look ugly' people. I love flowers, even though plenty of people are allergic to them. I love them.

They make a place look like home.
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Goodbyes Are Hard.

But sometimes they are essential.

I've been thinking about closing this blog for a while now (I'd still keep all my old posts up for posterity.)

I don't have the energy or the time to write in it. And I have nothing to say I haven't already said.

Sooo...if you read this, would you like to go on reading it? Or would you wave me a happy farewell?

Is there anything you'd like to see?

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The Black Eyed Pea's where you're least likely to see them.

Remember when I wrote about this?

My son's apparent love of the BEP and his need to get down and funky to anything with a beat?

Well, it turns out he's not the only one.

This sweet, sweet couple (Joya and Emre) have incorporated The Black Eyed Pea's "The Time/Dirty Bit" into their wedding video.

Um, yeah. It totally works and is absolutely endearing.

I found it on The Maternal Lens Facebook page (I adore The Maternal Lens, just so you know!)

Here's the video, enjoy it!

joya and emre | wedding music video from David Robin on Vimeo.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Being an imperfect person in an imperfect World.

18 year old me. I thought everything about me was "wrong" at this point.

I was feeling down one day.

Then one day turned into two. Two days into three and three into a week.

It went on and on and on until I suddenly realised I wasn't happy. In fact I was pretty unhappy. I began to self criticise (as you do.)

I thought about all the things I've ever done wrong: the time I told a kid his big brother was waiting for him and he wasn't, the time I stole a sweet from the pick n mix, the time I smoked a cigarette butt that I'd picked up off the pavement (wow was that one of the most disgusting moments of my life) and other, bigger, uglier mistakes I've made.

I then began to look at myself in the mirror and in photographs and I really didn't like I what I saw; lines, wrinkles, even grey hairs. I only looked half-decent when I threw on a shed load of make up. People were constantly telling me I was too big, too pale, too dumb, too negative, never happy and so on.

I can't remember where I let it get to me, but suddenly everything they said seemed to click into place and lock. 

These opinions and observations, that were really just a form of criticism of their own, turned into daily affirmations for me.

One day I decided that I'd had enough of hearing ugly, critical and hateful things inside my head. I was going to do something about it.

On my slow and steady journey into where I am now I discovered many things, but none that would surprise me as much as this...

I am an imperfect person in an imperfect World.

I need to give myself a break from time to time. I don't always get it right because sometimes I have to fail in order to learn. 

I couldn't believe that it could be that simple. Did it make me happier knowing this? No. What made me happier was time and being around the right influences and not letting the criticisms of others break into my conscience. 

Because you should allow the criticisms but be prepared to accept that they're not gospel truths all the time. Even your own criticisms.

To accept all the negative emotions and attentions of others isn't healthy for a self-esteem to blossom. 

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My Gran.

My Gran is my idol.

I have always looked up to her and she has always, always put us first when she was looking after us.

There has never been a muttered; "Oh, this is tiring!" or "I need five minutes to myself." There was no resentment or sign of giving up. I always thought my Gran had great fun with us, even though I know the real hard work that child care involves. It's hard and I really don't know how my Gran would swoop us all under her wing and plan amazing days out; the Glasgow Transport museum, the ice cream shop in Clydebank, the little cafe up the Glen and so many others I could really list forever and ever.

When I was 15 it was discovered my Gran had asbestos on her lungs. This was devastating for me because I remember the first time she had a coughing fit. I was 9 years old. Now, 6 years later, they had discovered the asbestos on her lungs. I felt as though there must have been some red flag that should have went off for me. I felt miserable at the thought of this horrible disease.

She's also had hip replacements and the years before this were hard on her - she never let it shine through. She has always been this massive ball of energy and happiness. Of persevering on.

And not in a self-sacrificing way, either. 

So, when she suffered a severe stroke, I was in shock yet again. I know this wasn't just my burden to bear; we're a big family and it was on everyone's shoulders just as it was mine, but I feel the way I always do when something like this happens; totally and completely out of control of the whole situation.

This is why I am sometimes so angry about my own health situation - I feel out of control and it makes me angry. It upsets me. And no matter how much you scream life isn't fair, it still goes on being unfair.

This much was true for my Gran. But it was better to accept what had happened and accept this new development to her health; at least that's how I felt.

I can't begin to describe the thoughts of even thinking about my Gran's mortality. Or my parents. Or anyone in my family. I hate death, it's ugly, but it's something we all have to go through. When things like these happen I feel as though the anvil is slipping down just a little more.

My Gran seems to be making a good recovery - good being that she isn't getting worse nor has she had another stroke - and this is a positive thing I can hang onto.

She is my last living Grandparent. She is my hero.

I didn't know an awful lot about strokes before now - now I trawl forums, videos on YouTube and consume every bit of information I can find on them. I want to know what lies ahead, I suppose.

I'd seen the Stroke Awareness Ads on TV; but what did I really know? 

I didn't know children could have strokes. I didn't know that babies in the womb could also have strokes - how terrifying and horrible. I also wasn't really aware of recovery from strokes.

You can recognise a stroke using the FAST test

FACIAL weakness: Can the person smile? Has their mouth or eye drooped?
ARM weakness: Can the person raise both arms?
SPEECH problems: Can the person speak clearly and understand what you say?
TIME to call 999.

If a person fails any one of these tests, get help immediately by dialling 999

A speedy response can help reduce the damage to a person’s brain and improve their chances of a full recovery. A delay in getting help can result in death or long-term disabilities.

This info here.

Then I signed up for a free subscription to Stroke Connection Magazine - get yours here. I'm not saying this magazine will have all the answers, either, but at least it will contain some. 

And I am hoping that by posting about this on my blog - the only use I seem to be right now towards this whole situation - that someone will see it and be able to use it at a future date, store it away in their memory and be aware of it in future.

I am also hoping that everyone who reads this will spread the message where possible; Facebook, on your own blogs and generally throughout the whole Internet. The reason being that I want people to be more aware of the seriousness of a stroke.

Share the info on Strokes, share this blog or even share the free on-line subscription above because you just never know who you could be helping. Pray for my family, if you so wish. Everything will help.

Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

I'm Still Learning.


I love the messiness of this photo. His face, my face. The movement of the photo; aka all over the place.
I'm still learning so much about everything. Every day.

And I'm glad.

It shows I've got a reason to wonder why, to ask internal questions and to ponder why I'm not just like everyone else.

I've never had a true best friend outside my family. 

Don't hate yourself because people think you're pretty; enjoy being pretty and look beyond the superficial front everyone else see's. 

The one thing I thought I'd hate and be bored of - having a family and being married - is the one thing I love more than anything.

Never have I been more happy than I have right now. But I'm struggling so much, every day - in so many petty, pampered, Western ways. I struggle.

With who I am - and who the hell am I anyway?

A Mormon Girl. A Mother. A Wife. A Woman. A Feminist. A Person. An Equal Person.

A Writer. A Lover Of Photography. A Perfectionist. 

The person whose consistently working on getting healthier - a work in progress and an uphill struggle at once.

The person who sits at home on a Sunday morning, thinking; "When will it be my turn?"

My turn to be like everyone else.

To be driven crazy with Roman on my lap babbling and fussing in equal measure the whole way through three hours worth of church. To be partaking sacrament. To hear the sweet singing of; "I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday." 

I just know there aren't many people who can relate to any of this "stuff."

I'm constantly prodded for answers (like I have them) about "why I don't go to church?"

After all I'm 25. Not 95. Surely I must be the most healthiest specimen you've ever seen?

Truth is I barely leave my flat. The best I can hope for is the view from my living room or a quick stroll to the park - which kills me.

I don't really ask for any sympathy, empathy or understanding - just let the World stop with the questions and assumptions.

I had a look at some photographs tonight and they made me feel really empty. I've missed out on so, so much. I've missed out on best friends, on making new friends and having opportunities to spend time with people, to socialise.

When I was in London I made some really great friends. But that's over now. And it's hard trying to forget what friendship feels like, what friends used to mean to me.

I'm happy because I have my family but sometimes I'm just a little sad knowing that I'll never get better - that things are downhill from here health-wise. 

Read more about my illness: here.

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