Tuesday, 3 April 2012



Please don't be fooled by this picture. Today was tough. Tough with a capital 't' Tough.

I sometimes go back and look at my old photos in this Project and think to myself; "Wow, I make it sound so easy." Well, sometimes it is and other times? Other times...it's Tough.

That aside I slapped on a smile and acted as though the constant crying was cool by me. It is fine if he wants to cry, I just let him, and I do my best to be there as much as I can...but it's hard when it's a constant flow of tears and you're not even sure of the cause. My solution is just be there, either silently or demonstratively with a hug. Hang around a while, don't get frustrated by their emotions, let them take their time and then slowly the tears will subside.

I hope when he's older that once the tears pass that we can talk about what upsets him so much. I hope he still wants to hug. I hope that he always knows it's okay to express himself - in fact it's healthy to do so. 

I find myself telling Bryan things like, 'he's allowed to cry, let him express it.' And more recently I'm finding it's about putting time in rather than issuing time outs - and I'm actually growing less keen on the time out idea as he grows. 

For the past two days I have been bed bound which is hard because last week I spent a lot of time with Roman and I don't like the bedroom right now; it's messy, disorganized and dark. Today I crawled out of bed when Roman was really upset - I wasn't sure if my legs would carry my weak body - and I comforted him. He moulded his body into mine, letting me take his weight and his head on my shoulder.

He's oh so cuddly recently and I love it. He loves his 'joompers' (especially the one pictured above, knitted by his granny.) And he loves 'blanket.' And me? I love him. Even on the Tough days.