Friday, 6 January 2012

Mama, TEEF!


Lunchtime: 2.00pm. I am greeted with Ro pointing at his teeth and saying; "Mama! TEEF!"

They are causing him some grief and in turn this causes me grief. I hate to see him go through any kind of misery and teething is a definite misery at this stage of the game. He began to cry, bite his strap, scream and do everything and anything to cope with his pain. I don't know how to take that away and the point is that I am powerless to do that anyway. 

Pain is a human condition and it is our bodies way of telling us something isn't right. Pain is a part of our day to day lives and I've become all too aware of that over my 26 years of the thing...but I am not used to it. I am not immune. And I still feel it when he does.

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Psstt...I was quite cheeky and got a few more photos. I really didn't want to do this day without them. Although, strictly speaking, I won't be including them in my photo book at the end of the year. So if you'd like to see more then do press 'Read More' and enjoy!

After I saw this on my camera I felt quite bad about taking the photo. There is my little boy, in all kinds of pain and I am a by-stander, taking pictures on the outskirts of his misery. I hope it stands as a memory to document the pain of teething rather than anything malicious on my part. 

At this point I felt my attempts at soothing his pain were pretty pointless anyway. Oh how I miss how easy it was to soothe him by my breast.

This reminded me of the many birth photos I've seen of labouring women. Honestly. There is that reprieve between contractions and everyone wears. That calm before the storm face. So odd to see it on a little boy with teething pains. 

He just wasn't interested in lunch (a peanut butter sandwich) and barely touched his yogurt - which is uncanny at the worst of times - and so it was a dose of Calpol and off for a two hour sleep that gave him any release from the pains of teething. 

I hope tomorrow is easier.