Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Photos By B.

Looks like I'm not the only photographer round here...

Me: "Do you want to learn how to take better photos?" (as B was randomly snapping the camera at all angles.)

B: "No."

I then proceeded to draw his attention to the macro and super macro (perfect for the kind of close ups he was doing) features on my camera. He wasn't a fan. And anyway, he was getting classic shots like the above. 

Who was I to rain on his parade?

He tried out the features I'd directed him towards but wasn't fussed.

(I can't help but think this looks so like one of those 4D scans.)

This is a lot little out of focus but it's that happy face I love so much. This might just be my most favourite photo ever. Might be.

I'm so glad that B isn't big time into photography because I have a feeling he might be better than me - and that would make me way too jealous for words.