Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I Looked Out The Window...


And what did I see?

Popcorn popping on the...

Ro Ro tree?

Okay I didn't look out the window but today 'spring' (spring seems to be springing in Scotland lately with longer, warmer days) brought me such a nice surprise. A stealing toddler right before my eyes. He took more than an armful and it definitely was a treat. A stolen bag of popcorn that tasted so sweet.

I was sitting checking my emails, Roman was very quiet (this should have really been a big clue he was up to no good) and all I could hear was a bag rustling and then suddenly a cheeky face appeared from the corner of the sofa with an over sized bag of popcorn, his little chunky hands full of popcorn and stuffing his mouth very happily - not a care in the world that he'd stolen mine and my mum's stash of popcorn ;).

Oh to be a toddler. When your cute little smile and cheeky attitude gets you off the hook for stealing* food.

*I don't really know if a two year old gets the idea of 'stealing' or property - unless the property is theirs, of course.