Friday, 29 April 2011

Royality Loyality.

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As you will know if you follow me on Facebook...(and yes, I will give you a couple of minutes to hit 'like' to join me)

I watched the Royal Wedding this morning.

As I live in the UK, I watched it at 11am. On YouTube. 

This means I didn't stumble on it by chance or by channel hopping. This means I knew YouTube were showing it live. 

I thought to myself last night: "Oh I'll just have a look at the dress then that will be all." But I was glued to my screen for an hour this morning. An hour.

The dress: 
I loved it. I read that the train was 2m 70cm and was shocked - umm it really didn't look that big! Also, didn't Diana have a 200m long train or something? I was expecting something out of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (image of one of their monostrosties below) minus the fake tan.

A toilet roll topper or bride? You decide.
Prince William:

This is where I make a confession. I used to have a picture of Prince William in my school homework diary over 10 years ago. Is it just me or is he going bald? Now, don't get me wrong, I think bald men are attractive, but when they start to resemble Prince Charles or *shudder* The Duke of Edinburgh, they become less attractive. A lot less attractive. Every time the camera moved at a certain angle we'd both shout out; "Wow! Look at that bald spot on his head!" and by 'we' I mean me and B. Yes, he watched it with me. 


They don't half drag these things out. I just wanted to see them do the wave-kiss thing on the balcony of Buckingham Palace once they'd done the official ceremony. But it wasn't on till after an hour of showing various plebs in the waiting crowd outside the Palace. What's with that?


Um, Eugene and Beatrice, this one is for you ladies. What the heck were you wearing on your heads? Did you go into the hat shop (and yes I am aware that technically they are called 'fascinators') and ask for one dead duck and another pair of antlers to wear on your heads on the Big Day? I have two theories on their choice of head gear: 1. they were styled by Lady Gaga or 2. they were annoyed at not being bridesmaids and so turned up looking ridiculous to upstage the day - I'm going for 2. It's funnier. 

I'm not sure they got the memo on the no fake tan thing.
Anyway...I can't believe I'm talking like this. Like one of those annoying 'Royal Correspondents' I don't like and snark at every time I see their faces on This Morning or some such other ridiculous British talk show where everyone talks like they're best buds with the Monarchy. 

So normal business shall resume after this post, but I wanted to share my commentary on 'one of the biggest days of this century' - says who? And I believe that was reserved for my wedding in 2009 ;).

My husband is wearing a kilt. 
Not a skirt, just wanted to clear that up.

Oh yeah...and one of the 'dudes' (is that offensive? Am I allowed to call a Holy Man a 'dude'? Too bad, I just did it) conducting the ceremony said something very cheesy;

"Every wedding is a royal wedding."

Is it now? Where was my horse drawn carriage and diamond tiara*?

*Just so you know...I am not a diva. I would have been happy getting married in a bin liner. Luckily I had MASSIVE amounts of help (and/or pity) bestowed on me by a very clever person who knew better than me

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