Tuesday, 7 February 2012



Roman is always convinced that there are many cats outside in our garden. Every time he's in our room and the blinds are drawn he'll exclaim; ' CAT!'

As the light was dying this afternoon I took him to the back door, opened it and he wanted to venture outside (where there is a good layer of February frost clinging to the pavement and trees) to play. Of course he's pointing out the invisible cat to me here ;).

I wanted to capture a little portrait of the last snatches of his one year old self - although we've only called him our 'one year old' a handful of times, most of the time Bryan likes to go by the months and I get so confused with that so when I'm put on the spot about his age I just reply that he's one. 

I also have dyslexia (we suspect) and I struggle most with my numbers - for example adding the numbers on this project got really hard when we rolled into February because I couldn't just look at the calendar and go by the day on that. I had to go back and check previous entries - and then check again because I forget numbers very easily.

We'll be very busy tomorrow and I have a feeling his picture will not be him on his own so today, while everything was a chaotic sort of calm, I snapped many pictures of what's left of this one year old.