Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Happy Birthday To You...

Today was my husband's birthday.

Bryan turned 24. And this meant a few things. First up it meant guilt-free cake. Not that I feel terribly "guilty" at eating cake usually, I don't eat it a lot (because I'm busy eating other junk, I suppose. Ha!)...but it was a moist, tender, cake fest.

Secondly, this is the time of year where we're both 24. It feels funny to be with someone whose younger than me - snagged myself a toy boy - but I also love it because if you don't know him, B is very sensible for his age. And mature. Despite the rumours ;) - just kidding.

So here's how I spent the day:

With a sick baby :(. A sick baby who wouldn't sleep! Now, normally this would be very stressful and a pain in the rear but today I was okay with it. I made peace at 2.30am in the morning that he wasn't giving up the fight to sleep. That he was staying awake so long as his sinuses were blocked. And although we dosed him up on Calpol he did sleep from 2.40am to 7.30am. Which is pretty good going for a first-time sick nine month old.

But from 7.30am to 7pm tonight: wide awake little man.

So I had no choice but to put him on my kitchen floor after he'd napped in fits and starts (and woke up crying about five times, then put himself back to sleep for a couple of seconds) and turn what was to be the Birthday Cake onto a plate. This somehow ended up all over the kitchen work top. And Roman was trying to eat "bits" off the kitchen floor. So I had to scoop him and the cake up - yes, at the same time. As the cake was still warm I did quite a successful job of moulding it into some kind of shape that looked like a circle.

I let it cool down and went back through with Sickly Chops so he could drool and nom a pillow - he loves doing these two things when he's sick,'s actually quite disturbing how much he does drool.

So what were Bryan's presents? An army surplus bag and some empty bags to put sand into. Honestly, he is a strange one. He uses them to work out. I don't know any more details than that. Other than said army bag clogs up my living room. But as a lot of the clogging things are a majority of my possessions I let it slide. And it doesn't really bother me if I'm honest.

He got money from his parents and a card from my Aunt. I asked him if he wanted a card from me or Roman and he said they were a waste of I figured it wasn't worth getting but regretted it once I didn't get one - oh well, serves him right (said in a non-aggressive tone).

Roman's face lit up when he saw the candles on the cake - it was so bitter sweet to watch his little face as I brought it in.

And even though it was mashed and misshapen, I think Bryan loved it too. After all, it's going to be smashed up a lot worse where it's going ;).

The cake was great. Tasted like a huge brownie. With chocolate fudge on top. 

This is definitely us moving up in the World. Last year we didn't even have a cake to speak of! And who is happy to let their wife blog at 0.22am on their birthday? This man is the best Dad for Roman and the best husband for me. 

Happy Birthday to the best husband in the World! I hope it's been awesome for you. Love your wife.