Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Is it just me, or....

I go through phases of loving different types of baby clothes/designers of baby clothes (ha! Who would have thought I'd be fixated on such a thing?).
And right now it's Scandinavian designs (namely Nordic prints/Danish designers) that I am in love with. Smafolk, Plastisock, Molo and Ida T to name but a few. Now, I know these type of designers have the hefty price tag attached, but do you know what? So do the "green" British/American made clothes!

And those don't come with cute prints...well they're okay but I just feel like there's nothing special (apart from complying to organic/greenie standards, which is lovely) about these clothes. That they are sometimes very plain and seem to hammer home the stereotypes of how green kids are dressed.

In fact, when you compare prices, you actually save money buying from a Scandinavian designer and if you take into consideration the costs of shipping from the States, you save a heap more money.

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff. The ways in which I have found myself saving money and reducing my carbon footprint is to buy new/used clothes from eBay. It's been great because I've saved myself the hassle of trailing round the shops and being bombarded with choice and wasting my energy walking round shops looking for the best buys - yes I actually do I am indecisive so the time it takes me to buy something is bordering on ridiculous. It also allows something the charity shops don't really: the luxury to type in the designers I want and to end up with those brands.

Now, don't get me wrong, I've bought new stuff for Roman. I love doing it. But I have bought bundles of clothes for myself from eBay (plus a laptop, computer, monitor, games, shoes...lots of shoes and much more) so why would I discriminate when it comes to him? Especially if it's more affordable and I get a lot more done in one bid than I would in two weeks worth of shopping for his clothes and deciding what he needs.

When I bid on a bundle on eBay I get to see what clothes a previous parent has laid out - I am paying for someone else's experience. I can type in "babies winter bundle of clothes" and up pops a snow suit, 2 hats, 2 pairs of mittens and various other items. Items I'm not really sure I need but am thankful for once they arrive because yes we could get by on a few outfits and rotate them (but not really) but once I see them and unpack that brown packing material it's then that I realise my white charger has come to save me - this is exactly what I needed for Roman.

Thank you previous parent, thank you eBay, thank you bank balance for holding out. 

So...fully loaded with all this knowledge and my new found love for all things Scandinavian I have been on an eBay frenzy and although they don't have a lot, it's enough to satisfy my desires for now. I just need to remember to outbid Geordie_Mam one minute before the auction ends.

Is it just me or do other people look up de singers on eBay in hopes of finding them cheaper?

Also, I really hope I win this*:

*And I did! :)