Sunday, 4 September 2011

"That's Life" Magazine - How to upset a huge community of people in one swoop.

When I saw a link posted on the Analytical Armadillo's Facebook page I felt instantly sick. 

That's Life! magazine had published a headline on their front page entitled; Breastfeeding left me infertile.

It's not often - if at all - I dabble in taking sides, but when it comes to breastfeeding my stance is pretty obvious; I have been feeding for 18 months, nearly 19, and because it's so very normal to me and my family I take offence when magazines publish inaccurate, irresponsible and misleading headlines.

People struggle enough as it is with breastfeeding, so they don't need more strife heaped on top of them from a great height. Not only that but there are plenty of future breast feeders and their support groups potentially eyeing up these headlines in the supermarket - and hell, even people who have breast fed and their support groups who might read it, panic and start lecturing everyone on how breast feeding leads to infertility. 

This is the magazine in question. I mean, seriously? And have you seen the other headlines on there - it reads like The National Enquirer. 

I have also heard reports that the Mum who gave the story (Nina, as named in the article) isn't best pleased about how the editors of That's Life! have twisted everything she said. To me, upon reading the story, it just doesn't add up at all.

I have sent my comments to That's Life! and they have assured me that I can vet their edited version of my comments - personally I'd like to see the article in full before it goes to print but I haven't heard anything back on that. Fingers crossed that they don't post a full scale "Breast V Bottle" debate as that wasn't the issue in the first place - and I haven't taken on that angle, either. 

Let's address the fact of a British publication putting blatant lies on their front cover - let them do a full retraction of the story (which they're still pimping on their Facebook page) and dedicate several pages to apologising for putting so many people down, creating panic and mass scaremongering.

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