Tuesday, 25 September 2012


This picture was taken before this one. It's also not the best photo in the world but this is because chasing doggies and toddlers is apparently difficult as they move so fast, thus resulting in poorly lit but tender photos that are 'in the moment' rather than 100% perfect.

Roman and Diesel were introduced rather abruptly yesterday afternoon. I say abruptly because Diesel's breed is a guard dog breed and part of this is barking at strange toddlers who walk in your front door ;). Diesel wasn't barking for long and soon after our arrival yesterday he seemed to accept us very quickly. And Roman? He loves animals but sometimes they really don't love him. Or rather they don't love his poking, prodding and following around. 

Roman loved everything Diesel did; crying, barking, peeing, shaking his head and all the rest he found highly entertaining and funny. All morning he stalked the dog and all morning Roman's new 'friend' put up with this treatment. In the photo above Roman is telling his 'friend' about the buses, cars and people he can see out of the window. Right after I took the photo Diesel jumped down, trying to get a reprieve from being stalked, and Ro still continued to follow him around wherever he went.

I decided that because we were having such a lovely time that we'd stay an extra day - why rush home when we don't have to?