Wednesday, 29 August 2012

No 366 Posts?!

I haven't been my usual OCD self when it comes to these 366 photo posts. I know that only a handful of people actually read the posts because I'm doing this for Ro. So really it makes sense that the only people who read these posts are people who know me - either online or offline - and those who come through Google searches and other blogs I've written for. 

I'm grateful to you if you're here reading about 'us', this family, and our extended families, because honestly to me it's exciting, thrilling and amazing but I'm aware not everyone will share that view ;). To the outside world I'm this mum with really long hair, bad clothes and sometimes dodgy make up choices...but inside this home? I feel like I could do anything and be anyone, that I could conquer the world if I so chose ;).

And then comes the nausea after I eat, the bent over double stomach cramps and a whole host of other undesirable stomach complaints that have come home to roost after a clear 2 years without any problems. I'll be glad when my child rearing days are over because these stomach problems I have seem to be related to the fact I have a child rearing body; aka I'm blaming the hormones. I've been tracking it for months and it seems to be the only thing I could possibly blame, so it's getting blamed. It seems a strange twist of fate seeing as though it's a huge possibility that we won't be adding to our family, but that I need to keep having a menstrual cycle that plays havoc with my whole body but that there is no child out of this natural process. Goody goody gum drops ;).

And so this, on top of intense tiredness that can't send me over to sleep at nights, this is the reason why I haven't blogged. I'm weighed down with responsibility by day and weighed down with pain by night (and morning. By goodness does it love to cripple me in the mornings.) My 366 Project is a record keeping project and while I'm dealing with the brunt of my bodily issues I don't want my pain and suffering to shine through onto what is essentially Roman's only record of this year of his childhood.

So if you come here every once and a while and don't see any 366 posts this is why. We're having a break, but I'm still snapping photos. I always remember little fragments of the day for every photo I see because I'm like the Rain Man when it comes to sentimentality; I memorise little details no one else would see. I'm not giving up on this project, I haven't stopped taking photos and I will fill in the blanks when the worst of this crap (pun intended) has passed. This is a post for people that care about my comings and goings, most of the world won't care, but this isn't for most of the world ;).