Monday, 26 September 2011

Pre-Menstrual or Pre-Menopausal?

I know that's a weird title and I'm also aware it's a little personal but quite frankly my dears, I don't give a damn.

When I was 21 I was greeted with some pre-menopausal symptoms; night sweats, annoyed at everything, emotional at everything (the way you are when in the first trimester) and some other unwanted symptoms I won't get into but let's just say I invested in wax for my upper lip and chin (dee-gust-ing!). 

After a year of no menstruating and a barrel load of these symptoms I figured I'd given my body long enough to 'kick back' into action so off to the doctors I went - yes, I regularly do this, just to make sure my body won't betray me and start behaving itself. 

My doctor pretty much instructed me that I was presenting with pre-menopausal symptoms. Either that or I had Poly-cystic ovaries (PCOS) which, to be honest, didn't sound any more appealing than a menopause. 

Several blood tests and two ultrasounds later I was given a clean bill of health, my cycle kicked back in and everything was tickety-boo again. Blood tests didn't reveal anything sinister and the scan had promised me a most healthy uterus. And it must be true because by the next year I was pregnant and gave birth.

Yet, nearly three years later, I am back to where I started with all the same symptoms. Except they're more severe. More intense. More of a slap in the face because now I realise what this could mean.

I have health problems by the barrel load right now so this isn't really a surprise, I saw it coming and could have predicted it when I was 15. But still, it does scare me.

So am I pre-menopausal? Or am I perfectly (beautifully) average?

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