Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A new name. No new photographs. And an old/new blog.

Sorry peeps, no photo's to go with this post...

Okay...unless you like praying babies. I promise he just started doing that all of his own accord and we didn't make him drink any special Kool Aid or use one of our many brainwashing techniques from our arsenal of trickery.

Anyway...blogging. It's a bit of an art form this writing gig, isn't it? I mean sure, any one can have a blog but it takes someone special to enthral an audience, understand who they're speaking too (for me it's going to be Mamas who're anywhere between 20-35 and Grannies who have Grandson's called Roman) and to have fun while they're writing.

A few days ago I decided to delete this blog. But then I realised* (after reading a few crap blogs); "What am I doing?" and retrieved it out of the Blogger recycle bin. Not that they have a recycle bin, but I'm sure you're still with me on this...

My purpose still remains the same. Be as sarcastic as ever, report back on the goings on of my life in the least dull manner I can muster and take plenty of photographs in the process. Oh and also remain weird and fail miserably at being a Molly Mormon. Which suits me just fine as it suits you, my lovely captive audience because you're all a little different in a very good way. In fact I'm sure if we lived closer and I wasn't such a rubbish friend that we'd be the best of friends.

And if you're not the above audience then I can only assume you're reading this because you're nosey and you followed a link or an image from somewhere. That's okay. I'd probably admire your candour in real life and you're welcome to the party, too.

Oh and if you were here previously you'd also realise that the outdated name of "Three Five Six" is gone. To be honest I'm not sure why I had it set as that in the first place... I mean I know this was supposed to be a behind-the-scenes blog following on from my 365 Project but the name just sucks. But it's okay, we live and learn after all. 

I have kept the URL to keep things simple - after all I'd lose my fan club if I wiped this blog, who wants that?  

I've now re-branded and we're now going to be called "Chasing Roman." It's a name that will never go out of date. I will forever be Chasing Roman from his toddler days right through to his teens (and beyond?).

Anyway, enjoy the changes! Enjoy my posts! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

*There also may have been an uprising on Facebook for the return of the blog. Rather than face the wrath of the potential fall out that would be deletion of this blog, I brought it back to life. 

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