Tuesday, 1 November 2011


This is what an unhappy skeleton looks like...

I had forgotten about Halloween this year. 

When it hit October everything seemed to disappear from my memory. Birthdays, special events and Halloween.

We bought this costume because it looked cute. But I remember a time, by gone now, when people made costumes - for any occasion. One year my costume was constructed from a pair of old curtains, tin foil and glitter. On a whim and within under an hour. Another year it was another on-the-spot costume. I always wanted to be different, to dazzle and stand out. Not because I had the confidence to match my candour but because I wanted to be different.

And now I buy costumes for my child. Because that's what everyone else does. And because it doesn't cost a fortune. 

So this year, he's a skeleton. 

A cute, helpful little skeleton at that.

Happy Halloween!

P.S We were horrible last night and didn't open our door to the two trick or treater's (or as we call them 'guisers.') I was sure we wouldn't have a lot of people round, if any at all, so I didn't want to go out and buy non-vegan treats (vegan ones would have been expensive and probably not be eaten) most of which would be left over...so in short, I didn't bother.

If I could and if it didn't freak people out I would have cooked Halloween cookies but no doubt a lot of parents wouldn't be cool with that - would you be happy to eat strange cookies? What if they had razor blades or drugs in them? My point exactly.

So, do you think it's mean we didn't open the door?