Monday, 20 February 2012

Three Years of Love.


I had wondered how I'd capture today; the 20th of February, our wedding anniversary - and marking three years since we pledged our lives to one another (among the many other promises we've made.)

We made plans to go out tonight. The usual grab a bite to eat, watch a film and in the time I got ready I had my make-up consultant on hand - although at some point he thought it would be a good idea to squirt a whole tub of lip gloss all over his hands and rub hand cream into his hair.

He loves to 'check' people's bags, but especially loves my make-up bag with all its extra goodies to explore. I'll just need to watch him carefully in future ;).

P.S: This is us, three years and several stone (lbs/kgs) ago. 
Me in a dress and B in a skirt ;).
I really felt like a doll that day - with a permanent smile on.
Twue wuve. 

The image quality is so bad because I pulled this from Facebook. My photographer gave us two albums full of photos plus a disc of all the photos...I just thought the disc was somewhere it wasn't and by the time we got back from our anniversary meal tonight well I didn't want to go hunting for it ;).