Saturday, 10 March 2012

A {vegan} Food Post.

Lately me and my non-vegan brother have been swapping pictures of our food. We want to see what we eat on a daily basis and an old fashioned food diary might not be the best way to document this - lots of programmes I've watched on food diaries suggest that the people keeping the diaries might not be as honest about what they're eating as you'd think. People usually record that they ate less or even skip out treats they have ;).

I definitely wanted an honest account of the things I eat and what better way than to photograph my food? In just a few short days of doing this I have found myself eating less. Whether this is me becoming more conscious of what I eat or me being too lazy to take a photo, I'm not sure ;). At this point in it's hard to say. We started on Thursday and I have already forgotten a few pics (mainly breakfast because I am not a morning person.)

After my trip the dentist last week - and the shame I felt being told just how much work I need done - I am determined to eat better. For my teeth, my health, for myself and for my family. All my dental work will be complete and up to date by the end of this month - my teeth are happy knowing this - but until then I have to keep sugar at a minimum. It's my choice to do this but it includes avoiding fruit juices and smoothies - something I was quite partial to before my trip to the dentist.

So less words, more photos:

 x4 wholemeal wraps
Lentils with Jambalaya sauce, peppers.
Alpro Yogurt (plain.)

8 carrot and coriander falafels on the side.
Garlic and lentil vegetable soup (nom nom nom.)

Dinner {with the Sister Missionaries}:
Gnochhi, sun blushed tomatoes.
Grapes (dessert.)

I love food. In Twitter speak I would put: #Ilovefood I love it so much. I hope you do too. Would you ever eat anything I've posted up here? And what do you think of the food photo diary? If you like it, you should join me and my brother (Fraser) in our quest to eat a little better!