Sunday, 6 November 2011

Cake free lifestyle.

I don't really like this photo. I look ridiculous. And we never even tasted that cake!
Why is it that we try our hardest when we're dating and then it feels as though things slip once we're married? Is it not important - just as or more! - to impress your spouse? I suppose it's easy to think 'this person knows my strengths and weaknesses inside out, I don't need to prove anything.'

Well if you're thinking along those lines I think you're wrong. A relationship isn't about resting on your laurels or 'giving up' on your own self improvement. If it was I would just continue eating chocolate and all manner of junk food. For my health and my relationships health I am deciding not to be over weight. I am making a choice to lose the extra weight gained after my pregnancy and long period of sickness after birth. And more than that, I want to be healthy. I want to be free of the foods that don't make me healthy. 

I think it's a bold move and I've backed it up with months of chocolate-free living, save a few incidents where chocolate may have been in something (cookies, milk shakes and maybe some ice cream we can draw a veil over.) 

It's definitely not easy, but it's my choice. I'm free at any time to walk away from my choice and give up on myself. But I won't. The stakes are too high. And to be honest I'm not the most consistent person. I usually give up because of my health but this time, it's bigger than that. It is my health.  

B and I still treat ourselves, we just do it better. With smoothies. Or yoghurt. And sometimes the occasional bowl of ice cream every few days a month. I'm doing this so I can live longer - and happier. I'm doing this so Roman benefits in each and every way that I will benefit. 

I don't weigh myself a lot but I am losing that extra weight. It's coming off slowly. I'm not overly concerned about the weight because that will fall off. What I'm concerned about are the above mentioned things. They matter more.