Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bonding Exercise.


Many researchers believe that the purpose of laughter is related to making and strengthening human connections. "Laughter occurs when people are comfortable with one another, when they feel open and free. And the more laughter [there is], the more bonding [occurs] within the group," says cultural anthropologist Mahadev Apte.

I pulled the above paragraph from because I wanted to know the science behind laughter and was quite surprised to discover this little nugget of info. I am so happy to know he's comfortable with us. I knew that anyway, of course, but this little paragraph strengthened that knowledge.

I really hope he continues in feeling 'open' and 'free' with us as he grows. I really hope he remembers feeling that way. 

My own first memory was when I was 2, going on my first big holiday with my gran and my aunt. I remember the day before we left, the day we left and being on the plane. Then I have various flashes of memory about the hotel we stayed in, the big storm that hit one night (and how we all huddled in bed together. I don't remember being in a cot as my family is big on co-sleeping, although we don't call it that, we just do it without giving it a name) and the self-catering breakfasts we had. I also remember the massive beach.

So I hope Roman starts storing away his own memories soon. And I hope he remembers being tickled by his daddy as I took his photo before bed.