Wednesday, 16 June 2010


I am such an idiot.

For weeks I have been despairing that Roman hasn't been sitting up by himself. Well, tonight, when I considered what I'd write a blog about I was going through my pictures for inspiration (I had planned a whole blog on Motherly Guilt, because lately I have been feeling it a lot more now that he's growing up and the newborn phase is slipping through our fingers) and I came across a whole set I'd done with the red pillows my mum bought for the Baby when I was pregnant. They (the pictures) were cute but a lot of them I couldn't use because they were either out of focus, blurred or he wasn't even looking in my direction.

I am glad because they were a bit cheesy - I'd matched his socks to the pillows - but then I came across this:

I even remember at the time of taking the photo thinking; "Oh, he's sitting up himself." He sat like this for ages, as well and luckily I took a whole series of photos to prove it to myself.

I feel like such an idiot for letting this slip through my radar - sleep deprivation and two back to back viruses will utterly wipe your mind and rob you of your intelligence, it appears. So my boy can sit up by himself for more than one minute - yay.

He used to sit up for a few seconds when he was a couple of weeks old and has been lifting his head ever since Day One (His Birthday ;). I am in awe that I could produce such a strong boy - I am so weak it is unbelievable. I guess he has picked up Bryan's strong man genes...and here's the pictures of proof...

Bryan invented his own gym because we can't afford to throw money on a membership. In short, we're red necks at heart :). He could probably explain this set-up but it's basically a substitute bench press - I think. Like I said, he could explain it better than me.

As for me...well I like life in the slow lane. I was born to be mild. I've always been a fan of sitting my butt down and doing nothing exercise wise. Exercise and strength to me are like things you might read about in a fairy story.

I'm weak. What can I say? So between us three we have two strongmen - that's okay, they can bring in the shopping :).