Monday, 16 August 2010

Our Adventures...and some other crap we've been up to.

So what have we been doing with our two month blogging absence? Not much that we weren't doing before.

I'm still obsessed with getting a photo every day of our man. I'm still determined to make it to March, 2011 and have completed a year of photos every day and I'll be damned it sickness, sleepiness or dead batteries step in the way of that. I am just gutted that I didn't start from the 9th of Feb, 2010 the day of our Mini Man's arrival. Still, it doesn't really matter as we have a glut of photos from that 4 week period before I started my 365 Project. I did consider trying to wade through them all and compiling them day by day...but I am not that pedantic.

Roman has been growing. And growing. And growing. You put him down at 7pm and by the time 8am rolls around it feels like he's grown a foot in length (not an actual foot...that would be weird and pretty scary). He just SLEEPS so much! I should be worried but I can't complain, really, as it makes us quite happy even though I miss him so much and just feel like he's sleeping through his babyhood.

I honestly can't quite believe how much that boy sleeps, but I know it's to do with his monster growth spurts. When he's awake, he's cute and entertaining. Kind of like the babies you see in movies where all they do is sleep peacefully in elegant bassinets in a corner of the room and when they do make an appearance they're full of smiles and not much else.

Although, he is full of everything else; energy, personality and curiosity as well as full of "oohs" and "ahhs."

He is still absolutely taken by my camera. Most young babies hate cameras because they equal the flash that makes them jump out their skin...not this young Master Quinn. I have fears of him turning 17 and going off to London to become a model. Which will probably feel like a weeks time at the rate we're travelling right now.

He's just so happy. I cannot believe how happy and content he is. He smiles at everything.

Waking up first thing in the morning.

When you make any noise or speak to him directly.

When you blow raspberries on his tummy.

When you make funny noises, or shout "boo!" at him in his chair.

When he's eating.

I love our smiley, chatty and happy little baby-man. I love this delicious age. I could eat it up with a spoon...

I feel like we've come so far in our six months and one week with our Mini Man Ro Ro. He's got a million nick names. He is doing so much every day that never ceases to capture my amazement and heart. He's mine, all mine...until a significant other decides to make themselves known (when he's about 45, of course).

Until then...I'm enjoying what time I do have with him.