Thursday, 19 May 2011

Thick Thai Soup: Recipe {Vegan}

Before I get started I want to say that I have followed a Vegan diet for 6 years (2005.) In my search to find cheap and easy ways of 'eating vegan' I experimented around with a few traditional ideas and as I am often asked what I eat on a Vegan diet I decided to share my recipes with you all. I really hope you enjoy!

I love this soup with granary bread when I am feeling sick or in need of some comfort food to fill up on.

What you will need:


x2 small (or one large) carrot, x3 large white potatoes, 3 handfuls of lentils (you can add more or less, adding more gives it a more thick consistency), half a red onion, one veggie stock cube (I would reccomend Boullion cubes from Marigold) and lemon pepper seasoning.

Step By Step:

Put the water onto a slow boil - in other words, don't have the hob all the way up. Once  you've done this, add the lentils. 

Quarter the potatoes with the knife (I'd suggest you also use the chopping board if you want your kitchen work tops to stay unmarked. Ha.) Once you've chopped the potatoes up, add them to the pot of water and lentils. I almost never un-peel potatoes when making soup because I don't need to and it means more fibre all round.

Peel and dice the carrots and onion and add them to the soup mix in the pot.

 Leave to simmer gently for 30mins.

 Make up your stock and add to the soup. 

Add a sprinkling of lemon pepper seasoning, stirring it through the mixture.

 Once the soup has cooled, blend it so it reaches a thick consistency.

Serve and enjoy!