Monday, 2 January 2012

A Great Gran.


I can't share just how brilliant today was in words. But I'll try, like I always do.

The morning started with a cheeky little 23 month old pulling down his toy kitchen, coming up to me and saying; 'naughty, naughty!' and stealing crisps (potato chips) from right under  my nose. Naughty, naughty indeed. 

We had a long journey ahead of us today going to see my gran - public transport and being car-free has its draw backs - and I was slightly dreading travelling with a toddler on a Bank Holiday to a busy city. We arrived in Glasgow to a city still in the throes of Christmas celebration - I love Christmas and loved the lights we saw today.

When we got to my grans house Roman was shy and slowly came round. Within half an hour or so he was playing 'peekaboo' and his cheery self. The only downside of today was how quickly it went.

But I know Roman enjoyed his 'second Christmas' unwrapping his sweet gifts from my Aunty Jeannette.

Like every time Roman is with my gran; he was content, happy and relaxed. And he was also quite happy to keep feeding his face with my Aunty Jeannette's Pringles ;). 

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