Thursday, 15 November 2012

New Pyjamas.

The effects of staying up late and adventuring took their toll on Ro today. He woke up later than usual and had a very, very long nap that I was very, very grateful of as I was so tired my eyes kept slipping closed. When he woke we went to the shops, where we bought these new pyjamas. You see something strange has been happening over these past few weeks...this toddler boy is stretching, growing and changing. And also; picking his nose a lot.

But nose picking aside, he's growing. He's growing a lot. In ways I haven't witnessed since babyhood, in fact, and a lot of his cute little toddler outfits are having to be tucked away into piles of 'keep this someday for a future, hypothetical, non-existent sibling' and 'charity.' I'm not complaining of course, I'm quite happy to clothes shop for my little man and he oddly enough enjoys it, too; along with posing in new clothes, trying them on, selecting the things he wants and putting the outfits together.

"Go over there and we'll get a picture of you," I told him and he was quite happy to oblige.  Little did he know that he'd be forever immortalised picking his nose in his new pyjamas ;).