Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Taking Care of Toddler Teeth.


First of all - we've made it to a month of photos! Woohoo!

I am very happy with my progress this month. I've been shooting on my camera's manual mode for most of the month, barely using my in-built flash and generally have had more control over my photographs. I'm really happy.

So, off that topic and on to today's events. Toddler teeth. Yesterday Roman went on his first visit to the dentist. I had planned to tag along and shoot (photos) like crazy but when you've had about 4 hours of sleep you do not want to be getting ready for a dentist appointment at 10am - especially when your husband is around and has an appointment at the same time.

I was awake at 10am but let's just the say the spirit was willing and the body was not.

So Roman got a clean bill of dental health - with the dentist saying he should probably have his 'fangs' in the bottom by now (B called them fangs.) Well his 'fangs' are cutting through, just not quite here yet. As for the other teeth, everything is good.

Dental health is important for this family - I am scared to pay the dentist a visit but that's a whole other story - and knowing that Roman has had the best start with his teeth is a very reassuring thing for me. He's also learning from our example on brushing his teeth. At first he would just simply bite the toothbrush and now he's very good at getting right at the back and giving his gnashers a proper good scrub - admittedly me or B go over the teeth before letting him loose with a toothbrush. 

I really hope he keeps up the good habits because a nice set of pearlies does make a difference to a person - and their health. I know the troubles false teeth can cause and I would hate to be the cause of dental problems for Roman.