Saturday, 1 October 2011

It's October, it's General Conference.

There are two times a year that I get excited as a Mormon/LDS person. And that's in April and October. We have General Conference, our Prophet, Apostles and Relief Society leaders speak to us and it never fails to feel personal for me every time - despite our 14 million World wide membership ;).

Let me say that when President Hinckley died, I was in shock. I felt so sad and like an era had ended. Gone was the wonderful man who always spoke of love and peace - and how we could all strive to give more of ourselves over in service and in loving our fellow human beings. But when President Thomas S. Monson spoke in the following April, a few months after our last late and great President Hinckley, I knew he would bring his messages of gratitude and love to the fore of our beliefs.

Of my beliefs.

General Conference is so important and personal to me because I don't attend church. I haven't been to a full service in a very long, long time and so the only real contact I have with church is first of all with my own personal scripture study and prayers. Secondly it's when we pray and study scriptures as husband and wife and as a family. Thirdly it's talking to other members of the church in my family. Then there is a mixture of being around members, having missionaries over and doing whatever I can to serve and help others. I'm trying but sometimes I feel like I need to do more. 

So in comes General Conference, that confidence boost that what you're doing is enough. That you're a good person after all. That just because you're sick doesn't mean you have to drag your crippled carcass to church every single week. And even if no one believes you're trying your hardest - don't sweat it, sister, because Heavenly Father knows you are. And Jesus has felt everything, he knows how hard it really is. Even if no one else does. 

On top of the reassurance is the questions answered, the thoughts to ponder, the doctrine to analyse and pray about and for me, personally, it's the close contact with the church. This church I haven't always understood (because I won't lie and say I was a born believer) but have come to really love in the past 10 years of my life. This same gospel that has helped shape me into a better woman. A better wife. A better mother. 

*A fun side note: last night we had the sister's over (missionaries) for dinner. One of them told me that 21,000 people fit into the conference centre. Oh and there's no pillars holding it up.