Monday, 10 October 2011


Do you believe in seeking revenge? I don't. But I believe if living well and being happy is a form of revenge in itself then it's probably the best type of 'revenge' you can inflict upon yourself. After all forgiveness is easier, that way you don't have to remember any grudges or use up any energy hating people or things they've said or done to you.

I believe people can be rude and insensitive but I prefer the offended to look inwards and examine just what it is they are being offended over. And even when someone has 'every right' to be offended, sometimes it just doesn't matter or isn't worth the hard work that hating someone creates.

It's better to live well and grudge free. It's better to have friends than enemies and it's better to love than lose.

Living drama-free has its benefits. That I can testify to.