Thursday, 6 October 2011

Steve Jobs: A fitting tribute.

I am in no way an Apple customer. And by that I mean products like the iPad, iPhone (pictured above) and whatever else Apple Mac make these days. I don't mean that I don't eat apples because I do. A lot of them. 

So when I saw many updated statuses on Facebook reading; "Steve Jobs, RIP" my curiosity got the better of me and I found myself Googling the name. "Ahhh!" I said upon discovering just who this man was. "That's Steve Jobs." Well he seemed a thoroughly decent businessman. And he looked cheery. And jolly. And yes the beard helped.

So I am sad that the World lost out on him to pancreatic cancer. And sad for his family, too. 

But in the sadness there will be tributes, beautiful and fitting remarks made by the people who actually knew this man and of course there is always going to be people like me. People who didn't know him but still have some good things to say anyway. 

And that's when I came across the C. Jane tribute to Steve Jobs. I'm a Mormon so it's my kind of humour - side note: being a Mormon doesn't mean you'll understand C. Jane's humour. Half the time I know I don't but this time she really hit the nail on the head of humour for me - p.s I also loved when she tweeted on General Conference 'Is anyone else thinking Pepto Bismal?' when the MoTab were singing. 

Okay so read C. Jane's fitting tribute here. Also, she didn't call it a 'fitting tribute' I just thought it was great and hope to be immortalised by something similar when I'm...well, dead.