Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Technology: Digital Relationships.

My husband: the next Prime Minister and Superman. My baby: cutest little person on the planet. Both of them back from General Conference on Sunday.

It was so wonderful to virtually share my thoughts on our General Conference on Twitter this year. Us Tweeps (I think that's the correct terminology) took to our accounts and got a Twitter trend on the go (how amazing?!) with the hashtag #ldsconf. 

I've been so in awe of Twitter and how much more amazing than Facebook it really is - by the way, Zuckerberg, I have been using Facebook less and less these days. 


1. my name on Twitter. MamaChaser. Kind of weird but I wanted it to tie in with my blog. Now I sound like a pervert who chases mums. Or at least, I really hope I don't sound like a pervert who chases Mums.

2. I have been following the blog ' Diary of a Benefit Scrounger' for ages now and not only do I think Sue (author of the blog) is awesome but it started to feel as though she was my only Twitter friend - the only Tweeps who got back to me were those arguing over a point I made or interested parties in me purchasing viagra from them. I made a tweet about this point and Sue enlisted all these people to follow me and friend me. I know I shouldn't feel honoured, but I do!

3. Yes, that is the name of Sue's blog. Read it. Understand what hourly, daily, weekly and monthly life is like for a sick person. Maybe you won't understand, maybe you will but I think you will come away smarter either way. 

4. I loved our LDS Conference. There is a lot of unrest in the UK right now (read: I feel this way) and it was so nice to have Sunday 'off.' Not thinking about what the next few weeks will mean for me and my family (it concerns Atos and my appeal with them, following a tribunal) for a day was lovely. Tuning into the voices of those who speak common sense was lovely. Not having to listen to another politician make promises they can't keep was lovely. Hearing a prophet speak and tell you everything was going to be okay: priceless.

 5. Even though it was virtual (on Twitter), seeing what other members took from Conference was great. I shared my own thoughts and loved reading what others took from it, too. I felt very immersed in Conference this year. B took Roman to church for most of it and I sat at home, watching on my laptop - a blessing for the sick and disabled members, I tells ya! It's our lifeline like you wouldn't believe.

I could rabbit on about these topics forever, so I could. But for now I'll leave the floor open for you to share any experiences and thoughts you might have.