Friday, 1 March 2013

Sharing Isn't Always Caring.

I spotted this funny e-card on Facebook ages ago and it tickled me pink. Oh OCD if only you were the cliché everyone believed you were ;). Also...I wrote a post about OCD months ago and I don't really want to share it. I then wrote a post about home schooling and I don't want to share that, either. I also have a bunch of photographs and stories to go with them but I don't want to share those, either. I'm just not sure what's okay or not to share on the Internet these days and quite frankly I don't want someone reading this blog, my Facebook or any other sites I use and feeling like they have some juicy gossip on me or those in my family. I feel myself closing up and closing in on myself, becoming more private than I've been in a long time. I just don't want to share a thing about my life; the good, the bad and the private. 

I'm not really sure where this leaves my blog. It's a teeny tiny blog anyway and that's how I like it. If I never write another post again then I'm not sure it would matter or have a huge effect on the world - I don't write to effect changes in the world and it's not my job to be held up as an example of modern day motherhood or how people should live their lives but I enjoy the writing, I enjoy telling stories from my point of view and I used to enjoy sharing, too. These days? Not so much. So how does one own a blog, keep writing, but also remain fenced off in areas they'd like to remain private? I'm trying to work that out. I'm also trying to work out if all these thoughts are due to hormonal changes in my body - big, strange and new changes I haven't gone through before - or if I'm simply growing up and realising that sharing isn't always caring. 

P.S: I don't have OCD...