Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sleepy Head.


Waking up. I'd lifted the quilt off him, he still didn't rouse, so I went to get my camera and this is what waited for me on my return.

It was below freezing today in Scotland so we did what all sensible people do and stayed in doors. And naturally stayed in our PJs until 4pm. If I was less bothered I think we would have stayed in them all day, but a bath was had and we both dressed for what was left of the day.

Roman was tired today - going off to sleep around 1pm and me having to force him awake at 3.35pm. He was burrowed under his blanket and for one horrible moment in time I never want to have again, I thought he'd died. He wasn't moving, I couldn't hear him breathing or snoring and when I rubbed his back he didn't move.

His feet twitched and my worst nightmare died away. He rubbed his eyes and I knew he was fine. So I went off to get my camera. Life paused for one moment and suddenly resumed when everything was okay.

For life going on, being ordinary and average; I am grateful. I'm thankful to twitchy feet. 

Just to be extra sure, I checked him over, and apart from being very sleepy there were no other obvious signs - just a little warm boy in a deep sleep, enjoying it and doing his best not to be disturbed. 

B was also in a deep sleep and didn't hear me shouting on him when our shopping delivery arrived while me and Roman were in the bath ;). Is it hereditary? Maybe so.

Because I need to cheer myself up I have added some bonus pictures to this post - showing just how active he can become a few seconds from being the fluffy headed sleepy boy to the little boy full of beans, running around his room and getting into everything.

Press 'read more' to see them ;).

Up at the window, doing a bit of train spotting - the train tracks run right behind our house and the trains are visible from Roman's bedroom window. Every little child's dream, I think.