Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Some News...

Roman will become a big brother in August of this year.

I didn't expect I'd ever have a baby at that time of year. Nor did I expect to be raising two boys together - before I was married I actually had a dream about having a boy and a girl ;). I also never in my wildest dreams imagined I'd have one child, let alone two. I honestly thought Roman would be my only baby, toddler and child. With this in mind I decided to put up my hopes of having another child and it happened - not 'just like that' but it did happen and I am so excited.

I've been suffering from a very rare condition called Hyperemesis which has completely floored me this time around. I'm not sure if I'm going to share too much about it, but I'd like to. I find blogging is a big drain on my energy right now so I can't say it will be any time soon. With that aside; here's to the future of Roman's big brotherhood and to two boys!