Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A Day in the Life of moi.

It's not quite a "Day in the life of" post, because I am far too slothful for that kind of shenanigans...but it is a heavy picture post (just to warn you).

So today was officially a "pyjamas and housework" day. That's the beauty of being your own boss (well...Roman is kind of my boss. He sets the hours, the work and the pay. The pay being lots of cuddles), you can work from home and be in your PJs, too! 

But, alas, the Little Boss didn't want me to have a PJ day and threw up all over me. I had to jump into the shower. Which was fun, considering Roman was way grumpy and I had to poke my head out from the shower curtain every five seconds to prove to him that some monster wasn't attacking me behind the curtain. He decided to throw his blanket onto the wet and dirty floor at some point as well which wasn't too much fun.

In between his shrieks I unloaded the first lot of washing and put another on. I love doing washing. I never resent or feel p'd off doing it. It's my favourite task and about the only thing Bryan and I don't share - because I honestly don't mind doing it. I know other people absolutely hate it and it's the bane of their existence but I'd happily sort through a dirty load of laundry (within reason. I aint touching your skiddies), put it onto wash, unload and hang it to dry and then bring in, fold and put it all away for a job - and at one point I did do this as a job and still didn't loathe it! I'm a glutton for punishment, perhaps.

I am also obsessed with having a clean bathroom floor. Unfortunately for a few weeks now (yep, I said WEEKS) the bathroom floor hasn't been mopped. I say that and by that I mean I haven't done my ritual with it - it has been cleaned, but not to my satisfaction or standard. Haha. Queen of Sheba, much? 

So I set out about doing my ritual :). It consists of:

 One bottle of bleach (kills germs dead, you know!)

One shower head into bucket-full of bleach (I really want to use something eco friendly but I am struggling to find something to fit the bill, anything that anyone can reccomend is welcomed! I'm trying to cut down on chemicals in the home). 

And that's it! Simples. I mopped up the floors; bathroom, hall, kitchen and living room. The mop is getting a little pathetic these days - I know Tesco sell them for next to nothing, but I'd quite like one of those funky squeegee mop things. 

Our floors were gross - seriously gross. When I emptied the bucket of murky floor water back into the bath I was greeted by this:

Yuck! The water even had "bits" in it - which are just grit and dirt that gets dragged in on shoes and buggy wheels.

After mopping I like to "towel dry" the floor:

I learned this from my Mum and from Bryan. Bryan started doing it when we lived in Mill Street (our first flat we had together) and I did scold him the first time I saw him skating around the floor on a towel...then I tried it myself and remembered my Mum told me stories of how her Mum used to give them towels and they'd find this great fun - when in actual fact they were doing housework! I love my Gran, she's so clever.

And as you can see from these pictures...there's still a few other things that need sorting. But they can wait! It's Orange Wednesday which means that it's our "Date Night." My brother comes round and sits in our home while Bryan and I go to see some ridiculous but light hearted blockbuster at our local Cineworld.

It's important to take time out as a couple and remember who "we" (the couple we) are. We're quite secure in ourselves, though, and we do sneak conversations about our son in - even on Date Night. We can't help it. We love him. None of feels like we're talking "shop" and we don't overdo it like some people whose every second word is about their child - don't get me wrong, I have Mummy Friends and all we do is talk babies and our kids - because we love and adore them - and we could talk till we were blue in the face about them and never get bored...but you know the couples I'm talking about.

It's nice to know that the "glue" in our relationship isn't based solely on our son. And it's nice to have little reminders in our home that reflect "us", the couple;