Thursday, 9 September 2010

Roman takes his hat off to it.

Look at the strength and skill of this little boy:

He has been doing this the past few days.

Gone are the days of my little baby boy wearing cute little hats and them sitting perfectly on his noggin. I'm going to struggle in the winter at keeping his hats on cause all he does is take them off.

Although, it has proved useful for when I undress him as he pulls of the sleep suits himself now, too (I've read stories of ten month old's dressing themselves, so you never know haha).

Anyway, to cut this short and to save my aching is a nice photo filled blog for your eyes to enjoy!

He loves sitting up lately and I love photographing it because for the longest time I worried about him not sitting up.

Eating the couch is very common in this household. Especially for teething babies.

The Bumbo was rediscovered today. It had been sitting in our living room, housing a lot of Roman's toys and teething rings - I felt bad when I found them because I had spent some time looking for them and resigned myself to the fact they were gone, to the same place TV remote's, hairbrushes, socks and all other items that seem to universally go missing every year from homes around the globe.