Thursday, 16 September 2010

The things I love about you.

Today, Roman's hair grew about five inches during his nap.

He's really cheeky with this mouse. Today he was sitting on my knee and I looked away for five minutes and  when I look back there he was with the wire in his mouth - he loves everything he can get his hands on. 

The things I love about Roman are his smile and laugh. His smile appears at the most unlikely times. When I feed him at night he is a little tiger before it - growling and pawing at me - and then he will stop halfway through and look up at me with the most ridiculously delicious smile in the World. 

Right before we put him down for his sleep at night he has "Happy Man Time" in which he babbles nonsense at us, giggles and smiles at each of us in turn. It's impossibly sweet. When Bryan has been out to a meeting or out with the missionaries and has missed bedtime he always asks; "Did he have Happy Man Time before bed?" haha. I love this language we all seem to be speaking together. I love our sense of community and love. Being part of a family is like being part of a small country in which you have your own customs and traditions.

I love our Happy Man.

When I was pregnant people kept telling me how much more laundry I would do with a baby in the house and whilst I believed them - having had my nephew live with me and my parents for a few months and then having looked after a newborn three jobs ago - I also thought that I wouldn't let it get on top of me. When he was new we didn't have many cases of spit up or exploding nappies (weird because Bryan is his dad, I promise) so the washing I expected to be swamped under didn't really happen. He's a "clean eater" these days as well not really fulfilling the stereotypical baby pattern. Like I said, Bryan is his dad and this boy has inherited his love of food and huge appetite (I love to eat, too, make no bones about that!) so the food doesn't really miss his mouth a lot. 

But he throws up so much! No sooner had I changed him out of one top than he was into another...then I decided to get him another top just in case he went at it again. Before I could even retrieve it out of his drawer Bryan informed me he'd spewed again. I came through and was greeted with:

Don't worry...he isn't throwing up in this picture. He's singing. He sings quite a lot. It's mostly babble but he does make quite a lovely tune out of his babble :).

He always "looks" for Bryan when Bryan speaks. I'll be sitting feeding him and he'll be engrossed in that so much then Bryan comes into the room and asks me a question and Mini Man looks up and searches for Dada. Today he did that and smiled up at me, then popped back on for a feed. I wonder what goes on inside his head at times like these.

All change. Nice puke-free clothes. I love these little shoes of his. They are 0-3 months but either Roman has small feet or someone at the factory messed up on labelling them because these were huge boats on him at the 0-3 month mark. They fit him now but he does love to direct them into his mouth for a good old chew.

He was in bed when I was folding my washing. I came across his little cardigan my Mum knitted for him and felt like crying - I can't believe this ever fit him. That he was ever this small. And it wasn't all that long ago. I just wonder where all the time is going. One night I put my newborn down for a sleep and the next I'm lifting a  seven month old in the morning.