Tuesday, 14 September 2010

My Bad Attempts at a Home Decor/Clothes post...when in reality it's an "I Want" post.

I remembered we have a Matalan near us. 
Within walking (if you're an athlete you could probably get there within 10-15 minutes, if you're me it's half an hour) distance. I love Matalan. I have been in love with them since I was about 17 and they built one in Livingston :). They change their ranges round a lot so it's not like Primark where you buy something in one store and it's been mass produced and you turn around and there's a million girls of all shapes and sizes wearing the same Primark hoodie/trousers/whatever that you have on.

And now they have improved their home wares section! Bad news for the bank balance and good news for the bland rented accommodation we have. 

On my cushion wish-list;

Can you believe the rose is a cushion! I couldn't believe my eyes. It's like something I've dreamt and daydreamed about for years finally realised. I have inherited my obsession with appliqué through my maternal line - but isn't that pillow amazingly gorgeous? I love everything and anything to do with Japan - it's a sumptuous country for colour and art, like the geisha inspired kids pillow and the red flowery pillow right here. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

I'm not a trendy person. I will outwear clothes. I will plot in my head how to run up a cushion cover and never do it. I will plan to get a hair cut and think about trying a manicure at least once before I die and never do all these things.

But I do have my simple pleasures in life.

I love accessories. Namely bags, shoes (a little too much), cushions and other ornaments that have no reason for being other than to be pretty :). Now my head isn't full of fluff. Underneath skin and skull I have a brain. And it's not made of feathers. I just enjoy very simple pleasures and can be quite materialistic at times - hence why I have a spare bed full of clothes (this is actually quite the wake up call and slightly drives me demented...I'll get round to donating all the unwanted clothes someday...).

For now I am happy at the thought of filling my home with Matalan goodness :). Even if it doesn't come true. I got all excited about their new home ware section and immediately jumped onto the infants clothes section and was disappointed. Not as nearly cute or creative as their pillows :(. I did find a jacket I wish they made in my size, though:

I did eventually find two cute things that Roman would look like such a little man in:

I do find it funny that price-wise M&S aren't too far off these same prices and quality-wise M&S are so much better than Matalan. There really isn't a contest and if I were going to buy anything it probably would be M&S I would go too - as a Mum. I do have distant plans of having another baby and there are some cute clothes that Roman has I wouldn't mind passing down to Baby Number 2 so I want them to be in a decent condition.

And here is my little man, sporting his latest cute outfits:

Excuse the bed-head husband. He'd rushed out the door this morning all but to miss his bus! It was nice to hear his key in the door on his return, though, I must admit and even nicer to see his wee face pop around our door - Roman was full of smiles. I wish I had been able to capture how big his smile got at that moment. 

No amount of money or "things" can buy what we have and that's pure and unfiltered happiness. So even though I lust after yet more things to fill our already thing-filled home, I know that I can never go into Matalan and buy this decanted in a bottle. It's priceless and is out of stock.