Sunday, 30 May 2010

To Do List

I just saw some upper body photos of moi.

And there are a few comments I'd like to make.

Firstly, I have just had a baby. I am the lady who has "just had a baby." But, honestly, if you saw these hideous photos - that will never make it anywhere but the Computers Recycle Bin - you'd think I was the lady who'd "just had triplets."

I've put on a bit of weight...okay, a lot of weight during my pregnancy. I think I gained three stone (that's 14lbs x3). Some of that may have been placenta, fluid and baby...but the rest (probably a good majority) is Mama Blubber.

Some might say I used to be obsessed about my weight.

At one point it ruled my life and there's no chance of me going back to those days filled with crazy practices like weighing out my food (boring) and keeping diaries about my weight/food intake/exercise/time spent sitting down.

It was so boring and draining living that life that I think I got a bit carried away with this life - where I just threw the towel in when it came to food. I stopped caring. I got pregnant and ate whatever I needed too, which felt like I was eating for a small army. It was enjoyable and I started to love my body.

Which is great, grand and fantastic. But carrying extra weight is not loving your body. So, tomorrow it's back onto an exercise regime and ploughing full steam ahead in a trial to get fit.

I'm not so much bothered about the weight as I am bothered about the things that come from being overweight; type 2 diabetes, heart problems, stroke and varicose veins. I don't want those nasties catching up with me when I could have fixed the problem in my 20s.

I am still a beautiful woman - I was very proud of my skin, legs, hair and face (even if I do say so myself!) in those photos and I know when I'm 65 years old I'm going to look back and wonder what all my fussing was about - so I don't want to start talking myself down when I could be enjoying these fabulous years!

If I have a daughter  I want her to have a positive image of herself and I know I can't do that when I think all these harsh things about myself. I want to improve myself for Roman, too. He deserves to see women as everything that they are and should be; strong, empowered and in control of themselves.

Operation: Get Happy With Self/Get Fit.