Sunday, 1 May 2011

Breakfast At Cara's.

I woke up this morning and had Pink Wafers for my breakfast.

This was a bad idea.

I feel unhealthy a lot of the time but even more so when I fill my body with sugary wafery things. So I'm going to counter-act the Pink Wafers with some grapes and hope for the best.


To everyone who showed interest in doing a guest post:

Email me

It's my maiden name. And I like that email address so I've kept it on.

I'm going to take a blog hiatus - which means I'm going to have scheduled guest posts in the time I'm off. I'm going to foucs on my newest project: here. I'm also hoping to gain some ground on other things I'm working on and towards for North Highland Publishing.

And well I'm struggling to juggle everything on my own so I'm reaching out to anyone who wants to provide my readers (I have a lot of readers...more readers than followers which is weird and flattering all at once) with their insights, humour and a different view of their World.

It's a no pressure thing. You can write once, twice, a billion times for me if you wish.

But I do ask you follow the guidelines from this post.

Okay, so thanks in advance everyone!

I'm not sure when the hiatus will begin as I have a few scheduled posts of my own coming up this week (I would always recommend scheduling your posts if you're chronically ill because it makes life about 1000000 easier.)

Also, my apologies if this post looks jammed together, I am currently surviving on little sleep and really achy bones and muscles.

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