Thursday, 28 June 2012

Euro 2012: Roman Learns A New Word.

Roman learns a new, or lots of new, words every single day. He then loves to repeat them over and over. A few days ago it was 'Granpa Work' (my dad, whose last name rhymes with 'work' and coincidentally he works an awful lot) and a few more days ago it was 'football.'  

Roman's first coherent word was 'Dada' at around 7 months, so that boy has been practicing his speech for sometime now. With the European world cup on at the moment it's no wonder that he has picked up on this word. My goodness do I find football boring as hell! If Roman becomes a footballer then I'll live with that but right now I quite honestly don't understand the fascination with the 'beautiful game.' 

Now whether we had a Roman or Eliza let me tell you this scene would be no different apart from the gender of the child sitting with Bryan. Roman wasn't really interested in the football and instead decided to flip through his photo album until he got to the picture of him, as a new baby, with my dad. 

"Granpa Work!" he told me, full of excitement. 

"Oh! They nearly scored a goal there!" Bryan shouted soon after.

Photos and football. I wonder who Roman takes after? ;).