Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Poor Diesel.

Me to Roman: "Ro, I don't think Diesel likes it when you do that to his mouth."

Ro (in response): "Diesel niceeee, Diesel like it!"

Let me just say that this cuddly Shar Pei is a very tender teddy bear of a dog. I've never been 100% comfortable with dogs being around my toddler (or baby) because I know that dogs will only take so much before they snap - sometimes quite literally. I'm careful, I don't even let Roman touch dogs unless I'm right there and even then he'll never have his hand on their mouth, or near their nose. Why? Um well because dogs really don't like to be touched in that general area and because it's just not smart of me as a parent. 

Although I did have to remind Roman to be gentle or more careful around Diesel I also felt very relaxed (instead of nervous and anxious) around this gentle beastie. I don't think Diesel enjoyed being followed, or when my back was turned, having his curly tail grabbed at (in fact I heard a low growl when Roman grabbed a tender spot on Diesel's tail.) But although he was stalked and hounded he kept his cool and gave all the patience in the world to Roman. I can't praise this gentle dog enough, really, he's a perfect dog and I was very tempted to try and sneak him home with us ;).