Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Mama with a Camera.

Our second child was born two weeks ago. Or should I say, we adopted.

From Cash Converters.

Now, I know what you're thinking and no, I didn't pull a Madonna. I bought a new camera for my 365 Project.

I felt sick at the thought of purchasing such a camera. Why? Well, because it's big. I know that's a lame line of logic (ooh, with this alliteration I really am spoiling you, dear reader) but that was one of my reasons. To illustrate my point I bring you to Exhibit A (to your left), a photograph I half-inched from Google.

This was not my choice of camera.

1. I had wanted a professional DSLR camera - lens quality is improved by adding lenses, whereas this Little Fish has a fixed lens. It's also a point & shoot camera. But it introduces me to the World of Photograpy - a World I'm totally loving and geeking up.

2. I had wanted to spend a lot more money on a camera. Not because I don't know what I'm buying - I did my homework. I wanted a Canon 40D DSLR because I have seen the picture quality it produces and my tongue was positively hanging out for one (picture a dog on a hot day).

3. Said Canon 40D camera's are mighty expensive. We're talking about £400-500 for a used camera.

So my decision was made. I have to admit to feeling like a kid at Christmas finding this camera in Cash Converters - it was under priced, even for a used camera of it's calibre. And no I'm not telling the World how much we spent on this camera. Just be happy that it was under priced. I know I am.

I've loved every minute of owning this camera. As soon as I got home I was snapping photos - it's heavier than your average digital camera so I had to get used to that. I also had to get used to something I absolutely loathe - flash photography.

I'm a firm believer in natural light - to the point where I'd given up taking pictures at night. But then I realised that with the flash on my photographs were less blurry and less grainy.

There's loads I have yet to learn, of course, but right now I'm thoroughly loving this baby. And so is Baby Bear. He knows the camera now. Every time he see's it he stops whatever he's doing - usually crying - looks up to the lens, flashes about a million poses that I can snap and spread all over the Web.

Though, he's not your average model, because he likes to eat carbs...