Sunday, 6 February 2011

Facebook Hangover.

We all do things we regret.

For me the list is too many to mention - but I'm not going to feel bad about any single regret I've made.

I've made mistakes for whatever reason (thinking I knew better than everyone else/thinking it was right at the time and KNOWING what I was doing was 100% wrong, wrong, wrong but doing it anyway.)

And now Facebook has become a new platform to air your dirty (or virtual) laundry in public. 

A new place where long lost friends can meet up and realise why they drifted apart in the first place through a couple of status updates. 

A venue for friends to meet up, discuss politics and fall out with each other.

A new kind of talking behind each other's backs with the messaging system on there.

And where you can catch the latest drama on so and so's relationship - don't you just love to hate those status updates? I find them better than an episode of The Hills.

And today I KNOW I'm going to have Facebook hangover. Especially when my parents see my status. I told people to KMA. And how fed up I am. I'm really feeling fed up of doing everything around here and could use some help that never comes.

I know several other Working Mama's (in the home or out of the home) will know what I mean - and you Working Dad's. But less is expected from men (at least in my culture and in Scotland in general.) Women are to be everything but be behind the scenes at the same time. We're supposed to have dreams but then have very little time and energies we can give to our dreams because there's always something else to do in our every day lives.

I wouldn't swap being a Mama for anything because that is not what eats at my time - and when I spend time with him I am happier and calmer. Looking at him makes me smile and see that this is really what it's all about for me.

And what people may say or do doesn't really matter.

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