Saturday, 20 August 2011

Flash...AHHHHH! King of the impossible.

I have tried this technique with various coloured glass bottles (yes, seriously.) But Photojojo (my personal equvillent to a kid in a sweet shop) have created these flash and lens colour filters. Now, why would you want to create such an effect on photos?

Because you can create cool snaps like these:

And with me being a complete amateur with photography, products like these excite me - photography is my hobby and these are definitely hobby products.

At $15 I can rest easy with that but then there are the shipping costs :(. And if you know me, you know how I feel about shipping costs. I don't mind when the costs justify the product but I think paying nearly the same price as the product costs in shipping is just dumb. Also I personally believe that Photojojo should invest in some bulk buy discounts on shipping. Just sayin'.

Because I would go broke on that site. And it could quite easily be done. But I have to reconcile with myself; I'm happy with my coloured bottles. I'm happy with my piece of junk camera and tiny lens. I'm happy that I don't have a shopping addiction that takes over my life and makes me homeless. I'm happy I can be smart about my purchases.

Until Photojojo launch in the UK, of course. Until then I'm safe. 

P.S This was not a sponsored post. 

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