Wednesday, 17 August 2011

I Love Hatley Clothes.

Remember when I posted up about Scandinavian prints and clothes last year, here? Well now I'm back with another new-found children's designer that is very similar to it's Danish cousins Katvig and Molo. It's Hatley, a Canadian company that make 100% cotton clothes for Mama's, Dada's and baby, too :).

And because they say it better, here's a little on their story; 

Alice, inspired by the countryside around her, had just finished a series of paintings depicting farmyard animals. Needing a venue to show her work, Alice opened a gallery above her gift shop the Little Blue House.

 John, Alice’s husband, watched the paintings sell and created a line of aprons based on Alice’s artwork. John was right, the aprons sold and kept on selling. They quickly turned this cottage business into the company Hatley, supplying retailers with the best cow and pig aprons the world had ever seen. Cows and pigs gave birth to moose and bears, aprons led to gifts and clothing.

How awesome. They sound like the type of people I want to be friends with! 

Okay, so back to my clothes-obsession with this new brand. I adore their range! Kids can be kids again :) (I feel very uncomfortable when people dress their children like 18 year olds going out to clubs.)

Anyway...Hatley clothes have a new range out for autumn/winter! (sidenote: it's called  fall/winter where Hatley clothes come from)

Here's my little Wish List:

Wellies are essential wear in a country like Scotland. It rains a lot.

The bear necessities; I really like bears.

This looks like Mummy and Daddy K's (my parents) dog, Shadow. And I can totally see her doing something like this, only without the paw holding the glass.

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All images nabbed from here. If you want to drool over gorgeous kids clothes go here, here and here