Tuesday, 5 July 2011

On the MOVE!

We're moving! (P.S The photos are not mine, I got them off the rental website.)

I'm always anxious to move somewhere new; although, strictly speaking this isn't a new place. We were baptised and married (and in B's case raised) here so as you can probably guess, there are some sweet memories tied up here.

We also started our married life in this town, so it's not at all unfamiliar to me. I guess I just got comfortable being where we are. And that brings about it's own anxieties. I moved around a lot when I lived in London and I didn't like that; it was a fresh upheaval each time and quite frankly it was annoying. I threw out precious things to me on each move because I couldn't be bothered hauling round bits and pieces - plus I had too much stuff as it was.

I was reluctant to throw anything away the last time we moved and it made things stressful for me. I'm going to have to be better organised this time around. 

So, I'll raise a toast of lemonade to new starts and getting better organised...

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