Thursday, 8 December 2011

All in a Twitter.

I would fetch the link to that time where I talked about Twitter and social media in general but frankly I'm too lazy for that kind of shenanigans. However, what I will say is that I hated Twitter when it started up. I was press-ganged into joining Facebook by my friend Dan back in 2007 - and admittedly I haven't looked back since, but that's so not the point - that I was so sure I wouldn't be pressured to sign up to Twitter. 

So sure that I just avoided it completely.

That was then and now it's now. A new dawn rises on social media and to be honest Twitter is more fun than Facebook. It's more instant and you can write as many updates as you please without someone calling you addicted or obsessed. Because Twitter is the ideal home for social media zombies like myself and houses all the other social media zombies who like their information now, now instead of later. 

So, to the heart of the matter: if you like updates about, well...everything, then follow me on Twitter (details at the bottom of this post.) 

I realise this post has nothing about Christmas or the Scottish named 'Hurricane Bawbag*' but to be honest that's simply because I am sick of those who are blogging about Christmas purely for the blog hits they're getting and not really having any substance on their post. And mostly they will dump a whole load of pictures onto said posts that mean nothing to me or those outside their immediate family.

But, okay, I brought up the elephant in the if you want to read about Christmas, hold onto your knickers, I will try to hammer out a post on it. In between being a Mama, newly self-employed (yes) and trying to cram in everything I want to do for myself it's tough, you know?

But if you really, really, really want to read about Christmas then here are some blog entries that mean it:

Christmas tree garland from ohdeardrea.
Gingerbread softies from Made.
Happy Go Lucky author, Kara's (love the name!) Christmas necklace

*I debated with myself on whether I should type that. If you're not Scottish or don't know a Scottish person please don't Google 'bawbag', especially not Google Images. 

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