Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hogmanay Edition - Making Goals

In Scotland the clock strikes midnight and we 'bring in the bells.' We also call New Years Eve 'Hogmanay' and I have no idea what these two things mean. I only know we follow these traditions and customs.

Have you made any goals or resolutions for 2012? 

Mine are pretty simple and straight forward - so failure is low!

These are goals I need to work on, things that will strengthen me and make me a better person.

Read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover. If you want to join me, order your FREE copy HERE.

Start and finish my 366 photography project. Outside of being a parent and working, I want to have a project I'm constantly involved in.

Start and finish writing my book - and get it published. 

Research and educate myself about photography. It will boost my confidence and help me with my next goal.

Set up my photography business. I've been part of and watched a business being set up over the past few years and I am keen to start up another business that is mine, especially related to photography (not necessarily taking photographs of people.) I need to write myself a clear business plan and make decisions about this. And like Nike say 'just do it.'

Have a good standard of a clean and tidy home. Now that Roman is bigger and more capable of being helpful this isn't such a chore. I've already started on this path by completely clearing and cleaning out the kitchen and bathroom in preparation for 2012 and my 366 Project and I just need to keep everything organised and ticking over. I know I can be better prepared and I don't like the stress of things not being in their place in my home.

Be healthy as I can be. I have finally accepted over the course of the past year and a half that my illness has limits. I don't kill myself to do things anymore. If I am exhausted I stop. I f I need rest, I take it. However, I need to lose some extra weight I've amassed over the years, too. 

I'm terrified about putting this out there for every one to read, but it's boot up my butt I need. If I don't commit these goals to something then they will just flounder about as flowery ideas in my head.

I can't go on like that.

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