Monday, 9 April 2012

Blog Design DIY - Make-Over.

This blog has had a make-over.

I liked the 'old' style but it was only ever temporary until I had a spare moment to myself to update to something easier on the eye. I like white, I like to keep things simple and I like my blog as it is. It's not perfect, it's not for everyone and I enjoy my little space on the Internet.

For a while I've been agonizing over the fact that I have 54 followers but then I decided: it's okay. If I was playing to a large audience I am pretty sure there would be massive pressure on me. And having this amount of followers allows me the freedom to actually get to know my readers, to read their blogs, sometimes leave comments and be a part of my readership in a way that a lot of the bigger blogs out there can't physically do.

The purpose of my writing was never intended to be taken to a large audience and I have fulfilled my own wishes. I also believe that if it were meant to be that I was going to have a massive influence or change in people's lives that the opportunity would have already come or is waiting to happen. 

Either way, I'm blessed. No pressure or deadlines are heaped on me and my whole livelihood doesn't rest on my readership, opinions I express or blog posts I share. I can just enjoy my experience. And if I touch a few lives along the way, all the better :).

Anyway, with all that said, I thought I would share my 'how to' on this blog's design. It's fine if you want to pay someone for their design services (and I would encourage you to do so) however if you feel you have the confidence enough to design your own blog I would also encourage this, too. And it needn't cost a penny - just your time.

1. I used Facebook for my picture. I simply uploaded a selection of photos onto Facebook, went to my Timeline (previously known as a 'wall') and pressed the 'print screen' button. On my keyboard that is just above my 'delete' button.

Once I'd pressed print screen I opened up my Windows 7 version of Paint. Once here I selected the 'paste' option which essentially pastes the print screen capture onto the blank canvas in Paint.

Once I'd done this I needed to crop out the section I wanted to use. In this case, it's the above group of photos you see here. 

2. I opened up a blank space beside the image. You can fill this with colour if you please but I preferred to keep mine white simply because I knew the colour of my blog was going to be white :).

Also, it's worth noting that the above image text needs to be re-sized. I'm just impatient. You can adjust the font, size and style to suit whatever design you'd like.

Once you've done this, your header image is complete!

3. Upload to Blogger by clicking on the 'Design' and then 'Layout' menu. Click edit on your 'Header.' Make it 'shrink to fit' and be sure to click on the 'Instead of title and description' option so that your header won't be interrupted by text.

4. Press 'save layout' then view your blog. Voila! A new header, made in your computer, all by yourself :)!