Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunday Girl.

Hi everyone,

Cara here. 

Today was our much loved General Conference. As I was chasing Roman, quite literally, from 5.30-7.20pm last night (or thereabouts) I didn't catch up with the Saturday morning (our Saturday night) session and so today I sat down to watch it.

About an hour in I fell asleep and woke up to a crashed computer. The screen had frozen after about a bajillion attempts to watch the session - I'd previously refreshed it about a bajillion times. However, what I did see I loved. I really needed to hear everything that was said - especially the story about the young couple who were medically unable to have children.

I'm not infertile (that I know of) but I can relate somewhat to the pain of not having the amount of children I'd like. The future is a funny place, so we'll see what it holds, but I feel in my gut and in my heart that we won't be adding to our earthly family. And today, for the first time in a long time, I'm okay with it. Certainly not happy or unhurt, but the desire to add to our family is there and I know I will be blessed for my righteous desires in the eternities. 

On top of General Conference somewhere in the illogical part of my brain I decided it would be a great idea to have a mini Spring clean. Maybe it was the 5 hours of sleep or the fact I was 20 minutes away from lunch and passing out from hunger that drove me to it...but wow. Vacuum cleaners are not clean places. I feel sick thinking about the amount of grime that came  out of that dirt machine and I'm very inclined to believe my toilet is probably a much cleaner place than my vacuum.

The disgusting list of gross things from the bowel of the muck monster (my vacuum):

Some kind of cat hair. We don't own a cat. 
Noodles. Noodles? I haven't had noodles in weeks.
Slime. Grey-brown slime.
Grit and lots of it.
Shards of glass.
Lots and lots of human hair. 

I am rightly revolted. Horrendously horrified. Deliriously disgusted.

When will the robots come to take over all these chores? And I wonder if they'll cover that in General Conference.*

Anyway. I heard something about General Conference and then I found something on Pinterest. Apparently people make lots of yummy food, you know to mark the occasion, and I thought this was a fantastic idea. I actually darted out to the shops at the last minute to pick up a nice dinner and I'm actually going to make a cake (from a packet, mind you) and be just like everyone else for a change ;).

Oh yes and if you're not Mormon and have never heard of General Conference then please read all about it HERE.

*Was that totally irreverent?